How safe is it to eat at a restaurant?

by | Jul 10, 2020 | Community Resources, COVID-19, Food Safety | 0 comments

Several states in the US are seeing spikes in COVID-19 infections. We will see this up and down movement of infections for a while. Key reasons for increasing infection rates include public exposure and people refusing to follow guidelines for safety.

The restaurant industry has taken a big hit. However, if you are genuinely worried, you shouldn’t be going out and pretending that everything is back to normal. That’s particularly true if you’re over the age of 60, intend on doing something in a public indoor space, can’t avoid crowds, or are one of those people who refuses to wear a mask (or if you’re going to any location where you can’t avoid those people who seem to behave irresponsibly). 

The reality is that we’re only going to be able to go back to routines if people are careful, understanding of how their behavior impacts others, and are willing to avoid situations that place themselves and others at risk. That’s particularly true for those who want to visit high-risk places like restaurants. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines (and if you’re already on the same page, great!) and consider whether you really, truly need to go out. As numerous cases around the country have revealed so far, eating in a restaurant is fun but still scary, and in many situations, it’s probably not worth the risk for the people involved. If you’re not sure whether you’re one of those people, just stay home for now.

Use carryout and pickup options. Use delivery options. Use contact-free delivery. You can request restaurant employees to wear masks and gloves. Also, remember to tip employees, including drivers, for risking their lives to get your food. It means the world to them, basically, you are paying to keep them and their families safe and meet their daily needs for food and shelter as well.

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